Nov 262013

Life After Obamacare: A Blueprint for Reform
As Obamacare continues to collapse, more and more lawmakers of both parties in Washington will realize that the law cannot be saved. Sooner rather than later the public will demand that Congress come up with a new approach. The Heritage Foundation …
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Arizona Democrats tout Obamacare benefits, despite problems with rollout
WASHINGTON – Despite the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Arizona Democrats touted the law's “many, many positive aspects” and showcased one woman Monday who successfully got health insurance through Tucson retiree …
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Obama Can't Keep His Obamacare Lies Straight Anymore!
Most will be forced onto the new Obamacare exchanges, and so far reports are rampant of huge increases in premiums and deductibles. Now Obama is trying to lie about his lies! The Wall Street Journal is reporting Obama and his aides knew they were …
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